In an interview featured on ABC, FOX, and CBS, Dr. Caroline Manuel discusses how she helps people overcome stress and experience a better quality of life without stealing more hours from their precious time.

Journalist and CNN columnist, Vanessa Van-Petten interviewed Dr. Caroline Manuel as an expert trend-setter in improving mental health in the current economy.
The interview was featured on CNBC,, CBS’,The Boston Globe,The Miami Herald, MarketWatch and Yahoo Finance.

Happiness Expert, Psychiatrist, Author and Speaker, Dr. Caroline Manuel Offers Empowerment to Those seeking to live their best lives despite stress.

Dr. Caroline Manuel has successfully used researched methods to improving mental health while helping audiences all over the world manifest better quality lives.

She specializes in combining innovative neuroscience and medical research with forgotten happiness enhancers such as play, laughter, charity, yoga and gratitude to help teach people the art of happy living.